TruNavigator® is a predictive decision support platform. Lone Star uses TruNavigator® to help clients address virtually any problem, particularly those problems with significant analytical and organizational complexity. Its strength is in providing clients with a clear visual understanding of “cause and effect” for complex problems with high degrees of uncertainty in order to make decision-making easier.


  • Graphic User Interface: no coding is required to build models
  • Natively Incorporates Uncertainty: every modeling element can incorporate and evaluate uncertainty including minimal data, incomplete data, and noisy data
  • Massively Scalable Modeling: address modeling challenges up to complete enterprise level
  • Automated Test: many automated audits and test capabilities are built into the software
  • Computationally Efficient: stochastic simulations typically run in seconds on an average laptop or minutes for large models
  • “Glass Box” Approach: models, equations, interconnections, and documentation are completely transparent, auditable, and explainable
  • Customer Focused: models are built and operate in the language of the customer


  • Provides valuable insight across any industry, function, process, or product
  • Integrates any type of quantitative and qualitative data necessary to address an issue
  • Converts disparate data sources and frequencies into usable information
  • Models define the targeted and relevant data necessary to address issues, massive data volumes are not required
  • Easily interfaces with other desktop and enterprise applications
  • Provides predictive outputs with bounded uncertainties directly addressing decision quality for customer acceptance


  • Rapidly understand how to improve financial performance in a group or across an enterprise
  • Quickly identify areas where operational cost can be reduced or efficiency can be gained
  • Constantly improve manufacturing or production performance
  • Increase revenue through improved market demand and competitive pricing knowledge
  • Minimize risk by testing business scenarios in a simulation prior to making a final decision
5th Generation Prescriptive Analytics Decision Support Modeling Environment
TruNavigator® Model Builder is a 5th-generation prescriptive analytics decision support modeling environment. It enables virtually anyone to create valuable models to guide critical decisions across every aspect of an enterprise. Its graphic drag-and-drop interface virtually eliminates the need to understand programming and minimizes the need for advanced mathematics. Models can quickly be developed, tested, and used to deliver significant customer value.
  • TruNavigator® Model Builder Enables high confidence answers to clients’ most difficult questions
  • Frequently enables clients to save significant money, time, or both through optimization of outcomes
  • Equips executives and managers to effectively manage uncertainty and risk
  • Allows an organization to assess the impact of decisions before resources are committed
  • A highly cost-effective approach that requires fewer data to generate “decision quality” outcomes
  • Evaluates decisions/programs/systems in the context of complexity and interrelationships
  • TruNavigator® Model Builder Utilizes a GUI interface that enables easy development of models and fast additions at any time
  • Multiple graphical output formats provide an easy way to see the effects of potential decisions and each output allows for sensitivity analysis of any element of the strategies being considered
  • The entire model is built using the language of the customer’s organization, not predefined LSA terms
  • New “What-if” scenarios can be quickly built “on the fly” with results seen in minutes
  • Seamlessly integrated with both TruNav® Analysis Manager and OptiSolv™
Predictive Analysis of Functions Critical to Industrial Operations
The TruNavigator® models currently support Manufacturing/Production, Supply Chain & Logistics, Maintenance Operations, Training Enterprises, and many more as needs present themselves.
Integrate Multiple TruNavigator® Models
  • Integrate multiple TruNav® models onto a single dashboard
  • Create multiple “What If” scenario input sets against a set of models
  • Edit and manage the input data across multiple models in a consolidated manner
  • View scenario change summaries to highlight the differences among scenarios
  • Batch evaluation of multiple TruNav® models via a single dashboard
  • Consolidate reporting across the set of included TruNav® models
  • Manage incorporation of data to and from 3rd Party Tools and Databases
Improved Decision-Making and Efficiency for Business
TruSolve™ is an offering in the pursuit of improved decision-making and efficiency to help businesses achieve their strategic goals. It may be the most powerful optimization engine on the market. Based on Lone Star’s TruNavigator® Monte Carlo simulation engine, TruSolve™ implements a proprietary optimization algorithm to solve a broad class of problems including linear, non-linear (non-convex), binary, integer, and mixed-integer programming problems. TruSolve™ provides unique power for larger models, providing robust, fast operation for complex models with hundreds of objects when most algorithms fail.

TruNavigator® embraces uncertainty and solves virtually any complex business problem. The TruNavigator® predictive analytics platform is used to help small companies all the way up to the Department of Defense to solve complex problems. What can it do for you?


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