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High-value program management and systems engineering

on complex technology development​

With technology ever-evolving and the world becoming more interconnected and interactive, every business industry is far more complex than ever before. To help you keep up and excel, Lone Star has developed hardware, software, and systems development programs specifically for system engineering and integration. These tools utilize senior personnel and industry best practices to allow clients to manage their entire product development life-cycle.

Systems Engineering

System Engineering & Integration Solutions can be defined by these areas:

Analysis of Alternatives allows organizations to see potential outcomes of design choices before implementing the costly and irreversible investment decisions. Lone Star’s AoA solutions have served to refine many client development approaches in the past utilizing our specialized software tools such as StraTable™. The Lone Star tools and processes identify client’s areas for improvements or optimization and prescribe actionable recommendations for them.

Organizational success is driven by the effective execution of well-planned strategies. This requires experience, discipline, and well trained personnel. Lone Star is highly experienced with planning and executing product & technology development programs for clients handling complex problems with significant degrees of uncertainty. The Lone Star team and technology are experts in managing large, complex teams with diversity, and delivering more than expected on time and on budget.

As business industries become increasingly complex, the challenges that present themselves do too. To combat this complexity requires effective System Architecture and Engineering support and solutions. SA&E takes technical and non-technical business factors into consideration when working to obtain the best outcome. Lone Star’s people, processes, and tools have proven their expertise in providing significant development insight and risk reduction for complex client challenges for the last 30 years.

The Lone Star team utilize their expertise in Systems Architecture & Engineering solutions to provide design and development plans for clients with critical complex systems.

The Lone Star test & integration team are extensively experienced across multiple systems, systems types, platforms, and environments. They provide plans, management strategies, and execute on complex system test & integration efforts.

Lone Star is extensively experienced in leveraging innovative methods of analytics and artificial intelligence to provide Specialized Intelligence Solutions. These solutions assist our nation and its allies in gathering, sharing, and interpreting intelligence products to enable advantageous decision making to stay ahead of adversaries.